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Zabbix is a enterprise class monitoring platform which is open source and free to use. Mastering and utilising it to its full advantage takes knowledge and understanding of many areas of technology. It also allows you to get to know, understand, and work with different forms of network management that are available.

For someone experienced with servers or programming, setting up a Zabbix enviroment is not very difficult from here. You get an amazing amount of application for free. Zabbix as a company provide services directly to customers as well as support to users of Zabbix for their own revenue, yet still are providing the software for users for free. It is a very nice blend of enterrprise and open source community working together.

If you are not experienced in servers, networking or programming, then working with a Zabbix partner, or directly with Zabbix is the best direction to take.



Why monitoring?

You will have some networks, servers, and devices tht you want to make sure are online and performing well. From a thermostat in a scienece laboratory, service critical server, or camera, you would like to know if they start to perform badly or have shut down completely.

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